Quality and food safety

Our customers can rely on high-quality products at Proganic. In collaboration with our growers, we work on a daily basis to guarantee food safety and the social conditions under which the products are grown.

High quality standards

We set high quality standards for our fresh products that we grow and then import. In the long term, responsible production is of the utmost importance to all involved. That is why all Proganic growers are certified for Sedex Smeta or equivalent systems. We see this as a starting point for guaranteeing and improving quality, food safety and social conditions where necessary.

Independent laboratories

The basis for guaranteeing food safety lies in the quality systems that we use. in addition, we have the end products continuously checked for quality. we cooperate with QS and ISO 17025 certified laboratories and certification bodies.


Food safety and traceablility of the goods flow is of great importance to the guarantee, guarantee and continuity of quality. This is one of the main points on which we our growers
train. All our products are provided with the necessary certificates and are checked by our company.


The fast-growing organic market can be perfectly filled by Proganic. Because we are located in countries where organic cultivation is very well possible, we can offer our organic products from our trained growers and trusted growers.