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Arrival of beautiful organic avocado's!

This week another container with beautiful avocados arrived. After arrival we do our usual sampling and various tests, so that we can guarantee the consumer a tasty avocado again. The avocados were sold quickly and are already on their way to the consumer, so that they can be enjoyed in this beautiful weather. For your information, avocados are part of a healthy diet. A...

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Now also our own brand of avocado!

After extensive researching and fine-tuning we developed a box for our avocados. The avocados are packaged and individually labeled. Our avocados are currently from Tanzania. Tanzanian avocados are recognizable by their tast...

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Tanzanian avocado season has started

In order to be able to supply delicious organic avocados all year round, it is our necessity to be active on several continents. Currently, the avocados come from Tanzania where Proganic has its own pack house to sort and pack the avocados according to the guidelines of all our certifications. The Tanzanian avocado is known for its unparalleled taste and is also eate...

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